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Policy of the City of Prague for Integration of Foreign Nationals

Activities in this area fall within the Policy of the City of Prague for Integration of Foreign Nationals, which was created by dozens of representatives of the Prague City Hall, city districts, state organisations, NGOs and migrants. The Prague Policy summarises history, describes the current state in its entire context, and, most importantly, provides a set of suggestions for the integration of foreigners in the territory of the capital in the upcoming years. The Policy has been approved by the Prague City Council and the Prague City Assembly.

The current Prague policy defines five fundamental priorities of integration and recommendations on how to achieve them in the most efficient way possible. Every year, specific steps for the implementation of priorities are presented in action plans of the Prague Policy and they are then valid for one calendar year. Each of the recommendations includes a list of parties which should be involved in its implementation. It is necessary that policy makers, experts from practice and inhabitants of Prague including migrants actively participate and collaborate, so that the Prague Policy could be successfully put into practice. The policy flexibly responds to problems which have been found and reflects the needs of Prague inhabitants. While some of the proposed recommendations require a sufficient financial support, many others can be fulfilled just by better coordination and mutual cooperation. The integration of foreigners is an important priority – it is also supported by the Update of the Strategic Plan of the City of Prague, which is now being developed.

The Prague Policy outlines the direction of the Prague integration policy for the upcoming years which will help the capital develop as a dynamic and modern metropolis.