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Welcome to Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic!

In this part of the website you will find a short presentation of the capital city of Prague, its history and cultural diversity. We will also tell you about the most important sights which are worth seeing. Thanks to that you will know at least a little about the thousand-year history of our city. We will be gradually adding more information to this section.

We believe that visitors of our website will find useful information about traffic in Prague, public transport and travelling by car in Prague. We will tell you what kinds of tickets you need for travelling, how to search for the best connections for travelling in Prague and its surroundings, and also where to park your car in different parts of the city. We recommend you to have a look at the related links which will provide you with a lot of practical tips and advice.

In the part called Culture in Prague you can read basic information which will help you better understand the local culture, be it via literature, fine arts, music or theatre. In each section, there are tips which you may find useful especially if you do not speak Czech well yet. We recommend you to have a look at activities organised by the Municipal Library of Prague. There is almost certainly a branch of the library close to where you live as well. You can go there to borrow books, magazines and audio-visual materials in Czech and in many other languages as well.

In the last chapter of this part we will share with you some ideas on how to spend your free time. We will provide you with tips for the adults and give you advice on what activities there are available for your children. We have put together a number of useful links, including suggestions for trips, sports activities, courses, education, and volunteering.

If you have children, make sure to pay attention to the chapter about the leisure time activities organised for them. There are recommendations and tips for children of all age groups ranging from preschool children to young adults. The Czech-language website of the Prague City Hall called Praha sportovní (Prague Sport) informs about sports activities for everyone. Houses of Children and Young people offer a range of activities which is wide enough for you to pick the right one for your child.