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Right to Vote at the Local Level

In this section you will learn under what conditions you can elect your representatives to the Parliament of the CR, the President or municipal representatives. We will tell you about the specifics of elections in Prague and European Parliament elections.

Elections in the Whole CR

In the Czech Republic, elections to the Chamber of Deputies take place every 4 years and elections to the Senate of the Parliament of the CR are held every 6 years. Once in five years there are also direct presidential elections. At the local level, people also elect their municipal representatives. To be able to vote in all these elections, you have to be a citizen of the Czech Republic and at least 18 years old by the election day

Elections in Prague

In Prague people elect the Prague City Assembly and the assembly of their particular city district. Elections at the local level usually take place every 4 years. Other EU member citizens can also vote in these elections.

Elections to the European Parliament

Citizens of other EU member states can also vote in elections to the European Parliament (the representative body of the European Union), which are held every 5 years. If you want to vote in European Parliament elections, then your temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic must have been registered for at least 45 days on the election day.

To be able to participate in a particular election, you have to register your permanent residence in the territory (municipality, region, state), where the election takes place and you have to be registered on the electoral roll. Citizens of the CR are registered on the electoral roll in the municipality based on their place of permanent residence.

If you want to vote somewhere other than in the constituency of your permanent residence or if you want to vote abroad, you can do so if you arrange a voter pass in advance in the place of your residence.