Learning Czech Online

Are you unable to attend full-time Czech courses? Do you want to study Czech even at home?

Below you will find a list of various options that can be helpful for your studying.



Courses of Czech for Foreigners – E-learning of the Centre for the Integration of Foreigners


At the website you will find Czech video courses. The courses focus on basic conversation used at school or at work. You will find here a lot of videos in three thematic clusters: Czech for Work, Czech for School, and Family Course.


Czech as a Second Language by META


The aim of this e-learning is to support children and pupils of different ages who start to learn Czech as a second language. Here you can study vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and Czech in practice. The lessons and exercises cover various topics related to school, family, leisure time, etc.


Inclusive School by Meta o.p.s.

The Inclusive School portal is a comprehensive source of information for professionals, teachers working with pupils with a different mother tongue, schools, as well as parents of non-national children. You will find a lot of information and support materials here.

We also recommend materials for teaching Czech (especially for Vietnamese speaking students). There are 15 thematic lessons.




An app for practising Czech developed by META and the Centre for the Integration of Foreigners.




Mluvte česky


Mluvte česky! (Speak Czech!) has been created thanks to the support of the Leonardo da Vinci  EU programme as the only online course of Czech language for foreigners in English, German, Polish, and Slovak.  Enjoy multimedia content with engaging interactive exercises, games, texts, as well as various audio-visual tools.

There is also a specialised course of professional medical Czech and necessary information for medical students, foreigners working in healthcare, and border area workers who want to work in the Czech Republic


Films and series in Czech with Czech or English subtitles

Films, series, internet broadcast, or just listening to spoken Czech may be very helpful in learning Czech.


Czech Television


Fairytales, cooking shows, sports programmes, news. All for free.


Internet broadcast of the Czech Television



Get Your Audience!


Get Your Audience! (Promítej i ty!) is a platform that allows you to screen high-quality documentary films legally and for free. You can watch them on your own or invite audience to your screening. This project falls under the One World Festival, the largest human rights documentary film festival in the world. It is the One World Festival, which negotiates and pays licensing fees to the owners of film copyrights, thus making it possible for you to easily and without any concern download and screen all of the available documentaries in your living room or an open-air cinema.



Czech Radio – Reading Journal


Dozens of literary classics (e.g. The Grandmother by Božena Němcová, Tales of the Lesser Quarter by Jan Neruda, or Škvorecký’s The Cowards) are available for free download on the Czech Radio website. You will find here the best-known poems, novels and short stories in a new light: their heroes speak in the voice of leading Czech actors.


Further sources and apps for learning Czech


A website designed for people who want to learn Czech. You can find here links for Czech radios, vocabulary lessons, word games, Czech news, newspapers, and dictionaries.



Improve your language skills with the help of native speakers who live or study close to you.



An online community where you can do a language exchange over the Internet.



Improve your language skills with the help of native speakers in your area.



Mobile apps

If you want to take learning on the go, mobile apps are a good choice. With them, you can practice in the park, by the water, or on the train.



Over the years of its existence, this application has become a legend. That’s why you’ve most likely heard of it. Its popularity is justified.  The application is built on the principle of learning through play and therefore you’ll enjoy studying with it for much longer than if you were just trying to memorise something. In addition, it works on mobile phones with all operating systems, so you can use it on any smartphone.



Memrise is a great tool for learning and practising vocabulary. This app goes against the tide as its aim is to replace dull memorising with original fun. That’s why it offers vocabulary even from the most peculiar areas of life. And if you do not find any of the word collections available in the app useful, you can create some of your own.



Would you like to communicate with native speakers but you’re afraid of speaking? In this app, you can exchange messages and correct each other’s mistakes. Other than that, this app basically works just like any other messenger. However, in the settings you can decide for how long you want to exchange messages and how many messages and characters you want to write.



This app offers language practice through new words and phrases.