Prague comes alive every night thanks to its many concerts and parties. Prague hosts world-renowned artists and musical groups. There are a great deal of music clubs and concert halls but also outdoor venues, which are regularly brought to life by music.



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Classical Music:

Dvořák Prague – the most famous festival of classical music, which bears the name of the Czech composer Antonín Dvořák. It is held annually in early autumn in the historical building of Rudolfinum.

Prague Spring – the oldest Czech festival of classical music which is held every year in spring.

To see the list of concert halls in Prague, have a look at, the Official Tourist Website for Prague.

Music Clubs:

Prague is full of music clubs. The most of them can be found in the city centre but some others are worth leaving the centre and getting to know a new place.

Programmes of all Prague clubs can be found here.


Music Festivals:

Festivals of all kinds of styles also regularly take place in Prague. In summer they are usually held outside (e.g. on Prague islands and in parks) but you can find them in metro stations, on streets and in clubs. There is a great number of festivals that take place in Prague, so let’s mention at least one of the biggest ones for inspiration.

United Islands of Prague – it is a renowned international festival which, as the name suggests, takes place on several Prague islands.

In Prague you can also come across festivals promoting the cohabitation of people from different cultures living in Prague.For example, the Respect Festival or Refufest.



Busking is any street performance, where passers-by reward talent by way of a voluntary contribution thrown into the performer’s hat or the musical instrument bag. In the capital busking is regulated by a public notice.

Praha Žije Hudbou (“Prague Lives for Music”) – a music festival organised in support of busking in Prague.

If you would like to make living or earn some extra money through street performance, familiarise yourself with the public notice and follow it, otherwise you may face a fine!