Prague is the most important Czech railway junction. Rail connects Prague with surrounding towns and villages but it also helps Prague citizens living in suburban areas to get to the centre faster than with traditional public transport. Long-distance routes lead to most major towns and cities in the Czech Republic and to European metropolises.

Regional Transport

All railroads leading from Prague are organised by Prague Integrated Transport and PIT tariffs apply to them. Most regional lines are marked with the letter “S” (on timetables there is an “S” and a two-digit number) – these are passenger and express trains on Prague’s periphery and some lines connecting individual quarters around the city centre. Thanks to short and regular intervals (about 15–30 minutes on the main routes and 30–60 minutes on other routes) they provide a fast connection with the surroundings of the capital. They can also be used for travelling in Prague. The “S” lines are linked to modern City Elefant and Regionova trains. Their advantage is that they are also connected to city public transport and public transport tickets (PIT) apply to them.

National Transport

Since spring 2013, there have been three transit companies offering their services in the Czech Republic – Czech Railways have the densest network and their trains will take you to all functioning stations in the Republic, trains of RegioJet go on the route Olomouc – Ostrava – Třinec – Žilina (Slovakia) and trains of Leo Express go from Prague to Ostrava and back.

You can find a connection and buy a ticket on the website of individual transit companies, at railway stations ticket offices or even on the train. A central search engine is available here.

International Transport

Prague is a place of intersection between three European railway corridors (Dresden – Bratislava, Nuremberg – Žilina and Berlin – Linz) and therefore it provides a convenient connection with the whole of Europe. On these routes you can often come across modern train groups such as InterCity, EuroCity or SuperCity categories.

From the Station to the Airport

For fast connection between rail services and Václav Havel Airport there is a bus line called Airport Express. Buses go from the main station to the airport every half hour.