Intercultural Professionals

In this chapter, we will explain what intercultural professionals can help you with,  who can use their services and how to book them. In the list of intercultural professionals you will find contacts for individual intercultural professionals.

List of intercultural professionals

Who is an intercultural professional?

It is an expert who supports migrants, the majority society and public institutions in communicating with each other, fostering friendly coexistence and overcoming barriers between them.

What can intercultural professionals help you with?

  • They provide accompaniment, assistance and interpreting at the request of a migrant or an insitution official/staff member.
  • They provide basic social counselling in Czech and a second language.
  • They provide contacts for professional counselling and are able to recommend whom to contact in the given situation.
  • They help migrants find their way in the Czech environment and provide basic information on life in the CR and Prague.
  • They are able to overcome psychological barriers between migrants and authorities and institutions staff.
  • They intervene in conflict situations clarify misunderstandings, if there are any.

Who can book an intercultural professional?

  • Migrants who need accompaniment, interpretation, and professional support when communicating with authorities, schools, health care or other institutions (banks, employer)
  • Public administration staff when dealing with migrants
  • Teachers and education staff
  • Health care staff

How to book an intercultural professional?

Choose an intercultural professional from the List of intercultural professionals based on your preferred communication language.

Contact them on the phone or by email and arrange cooperation.

If possible, it is good to book the intercultural professional well in advance, e.g. 3 days ahead.

Who pays for the services of intercultural professionals?

Služby interkulturních pracovníků jsou klientům poskytovány ZDARMA. Pracovníci jsou placeni organizacemi, které je zaměstnávají – například neziskovými organizacemi nebo obcemi.

More information on the work of intercultural professionals, see the website of META or the Association for intercultural work.

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5. December, 2022