Prague 12 City District


Prague 12 City District


Address: Písková 830/25, 143 12 Prague 4 – Modřany

Switchboard, information office tel.: 244 028 111



Prague 12 consists of five cadastral areas: Modřany, Komořany, Cholupice, Točná and Kamýk.

There are housing estates as well as villas. Along the Vltava River bank there are big industrial companies but equally in Prague 12 there are also nature attractions and unique communities of plants and animals which you can learn about thanks to educational walking trails. There are also forests, meadows and the river which offer various opportunities for relaxing and doing sports.

The Prague 12 City District Office has been actively promoting the integration of migrants into society for a long time. Since 2009, targeted support has been given towards the education of children and pupils in kindergartens and primary schools, cooperation with parents, raising public awareness of the public, and other areas which are in line with the current needs of society.

The Prague 12 City District together with other organisations, supports Czech lessons for children and adults with a different mother tongue. New, attractive methods of teaching Czech, such as using board games are now on the rise. Attention is paid to the education of teachers of Czech for foreigners.

Schools in Prague 12 prepare activities for children and their parents which aim to promote interaction between foreigners and the local community.

Social and legal counselling is now available in Prague 12, too.

Thanks to long-term projects which support the integration of foreigners living in Prague 12, there have also been independent integration projects emerging. One of them is as a Czech-Chinese kindergarten.

The Prague City Hall’s programme Systematic Support of Learning Czech as a Foreign Language has been joined by the ANGEL elementary school and kindergarten in Prague 12.

In Prague 12, international Erasmus students teach school children in extra lessons as a part of a pilot project. This way, children improve their language knowledge and, at the same time, it enables foreigners to integrate “from the other side”, which corresponds with Prague 12 City District’s comprehensive framework for integration.


We would like to introduce you to this year’s new Brochures for elementary schools and kindergartens 2019/2020 under the statutory authority of the Prague 12 City district. The brochures are available in print and online on in the education section (including brief information for foreigners).



Website of the Prague 12 City District is available in an English version:




Prague-Libuš City District


Address: Libušská 35/200, 142 00 Praha 4 – Libuš

Telephone – Mayor’s Office Department and Registry: + 420 244 471 884




Prague-Libuš is made up of two cadastral areas: Písnice and Libuš. The local city district office provides only basic services such as registering permanent residences, issuing fishing permits, permitting the felling of trees growing outside forests, all Czech Point services, the management of fees for local accommodation facilities, recreational stays, keeping dogs and permissions for temporary use of public spaces. The office also deals with administrative delicts.

As for the organisation of services for Prague inhabitants, the Prague-Libuš City District represents a part of the Prague 12 City District administrative unit. That is also where people living in Prague-Libuš can find other services such as civil registry, issue of ID cards and passports issuance, the trade licensing office, the social affairs department, the transport department and the environment department.

Prague-Libuš combines city life and village life. The nearby Modřanská Gorge provides opportunities for recreation. In recent years, there have been new business entities emerging in this district. Their diversity has enriched Prague-Libuš which used to be dominated by a single Vietnamese shopping centre called Sapa.


The Prague-Libuš City District has long been active in supporting the integration of migrants into Czech society. Most attention is given to the education of children in kindergartens and primary schools, the education of teenagers and adult foreigners, and community cooperation through the organisation of cultural social events. The city district office uses one-year subsidies granted by the Ministry of the Interior of the CR to provide funding for a system of support measures at schools and kindergartens. These include preparatory courses and activities for children who do not speak Czech before they start attending kindergarten, four parallel intensive evening courses of Czech for teenagers and adults speaking Vietnamese, four big cultural community events and a number of smaller activities such as themed evenings, seminars and workshops for the general public.


 Warning: A major reconstruction of the Prague-Libuš City District website is planned for this year. 



The website of the Prague-Libuš City District as a whole is in Czech. However, some texts and invitations to various events are published in English as well.

In the City District section (“Městská část”) you can find an Integration tab (“Integrace”). If you click on it, you will be presented with a list of invitations to events and activities for foreigners in several language versions.

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