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Integration Centre Prague (hereinafter ICP) was established by the City of Prague on 14th March 2002 and since that time it has helped thousands of migrants integrate into Czech society.

ICP is one of the 13 integration centres based in various regions of the Czech Republic. ICP operates in the territory of the City of Prague, where it provides services to migrants together with partner NGOs.

The central branch of ICP is in Prague 1 Žitná Street. There are also 2 more branches in Prague: Prague 13 – Lužiny, and Prague 14 – Černý Most. Contacts for the individual branches are available here.

ICP offers a whole range of services for migrants. At the same time, it plays an important role in influencing local integration policies and it cooperates with experts from various fields.

The ICP now offers assistance to EU citizens, too. Full information about their services can be found on the website of the Integration Centre Prague. 



ICP provides all its services FREE OF CHARGE! To be able to attend Czech language courses, you have to pay a deposit but you will get it back once you have completed 70% of the course.

ICP Services for Migrants:

  • Czech language courses for adults – for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. They consist of grammar and conversation. These courses will prepare you for the A1 exam, which you need to pass if you want to apply for permanent residence in the CR. Courses take place in the early morning, late morning, afternoon and evening and babysitting is provided if necessary.
  • Czech language courses for children – learning in a fun way. In these courses children learn Czech and also get to know new friends.
  • Socio-cultural courses – they take the form of specialised lectures, where you can learn everything about Czech history, national customs and traditions, types of residence permits in the CR, health, social and education system in the CR, the tax return etc.
  • Cultural and community activities – every year ICP organises a lot of cultural and community activities in various places in Prague, the aim of which is to bring Czech people closer to migrants and promote the friendly coexistence of all nationalities.
  • Legal counselling – providing information about the legal system of the Czech Republic, assistance with submitting applications for a residence permit in the CR or with extending the permit, assistance with civil proceedings (e.g. divorces, employer’s failure to pay your wage), consultation or assistance in administrative proceedings, information about obtaining citizenship, etc.
  • Social counselling – explaining the social system of the CR, assistance with looking for a job and solving issues related to working in the CR, looking for appropriate housing, assistance with arranging health insurance and healthcare, assistance in the education area (e.g. enrolment of children in schools, recognition of studies) and assistance with arranging state social support, social care benefits or material need benefits etc., accompanying clients at offices – helping with communication with authorities and providing interpreting and assistance in proceedings.
  • Intercultural communication – assistance, accompanying and interpreting at ofices and other institutions (schools, insurance companies, etc.).
  • Opportunity to get involved – participation at a regional consultancy platform, volunteering.
  • Access to information – free internet access, foreign language library with specialised publications, fiction, poetry, foreign language newspapers and journals and TV.


 Keep an eye on the Facebook page of ICP to know what events they organise!

 Will you be passing by ICP centre in Žitná Street? Do not be afraid to just pop in and find out which of their services you could use.


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