Prague 19 City District



Address: Semilská 43/1, 197 00 Prague 9

Switchboard tel.: 284 080 811



The Prague 19 City District consists of the Kbely cadastral area. As for the administrative division, there are also offices in Prague 19 for the Prague-Vinoř City District and the Prague-Satalice City District. The Kbely district was joined to Prague in 1968 but its development started much earlier, back in the 18th century. The most dominant building of Kbely is a 43-meter high lighthouse with a water tower which was made of reinforced concrete in 1928. The lighthouse is located at the Kbely airport and it has been given the status of a cultural monument.

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Prague Social Security Administration (PSSA)

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Address: Prague 9 (Libeň), Drahobejlova 945/48, 192 21

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