Prague 14 City District



Address: Bratří Venclíků 1073/8, 198 21 Prague 9 – Černý Most

Switchboard tel.: 225 295 101

Information office tel.: 225 295 270

Registry tel.: 281 912 861




Contact persons for the area of migration:

František Bradáč

Ekaterina Kokkalou 

Liudmila Gasina 

telephone: 225 295 343


The Prague 14 City District is located in the northeastern outskirts of Prague and includes the historical municipalities Kyje, Hloubětín and Hostavice and recently built housing estates Černý Most I and II.

Here you can find important information published by the Prague 14 City District Office in several languages:

The Prague 14 City District Office actively promotes the integration of migrants living in Prague 14 into Czech society. Activities of the Prague 14 City District are focused on the following areas:



Counselling, Information and Support for Foreigners

Prague 14 and Social Networks

Most news on life in the city district published on the main portals is written in Czech. Prague 14 has therefore decided to run their own social network profiles to be able to share relevant news and invitations to interesting events in Russian (VKontakte), English, and Vietnamese (Facebook).

Prague 14 Neighbours


Cộng đồng Praha 14


Соседи Праги 14



Intercultural and Community Work in Practice

The Prague 14 City District offers free services of intercultural experts who provide assistance to migrants in various areas. Contact our intercultural expert in the following situations:

  • You have just arrived and need to know basic information on housing, finding a doctor, school, job, etc.
  • You need legal or social counselling.
  • You are looking for free Czech courses.
  • You need an interpreter because your level of Czech does not allow you to communicate freely yet.

The intercultural expert also provides information on supporting programmes for migrants organised by the Prague 14 City District and programmes and events of KC Plechárna, KC Kardašovská, KC H55, and KD Kyje cultural centres. You can take an active part in all these events for free or for a minimum fee.

On top of that, we will provide you with information on how to implement community events or your own ideas in Prague 14.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Liudmila Gasina

Tel.: 773690475




Support for Pupils with a Different Mother Tongue

Within the agenda of the integration of foreigners, great emphasis is placed on providing support to migrants’ children in learning Czech. The Prague 14 City District implements a number of programmes aimed at the effective inclusion of children into the Czech milieu.

Teachers and other employees of kindergartens and primary schools provide assistance to every child. Thanks to their rich experience with the integration of foreigners into the Czech milieu, children come to understand the school curriculum and start to communicate with their classmates very quickly. If you want your children to attend a school with an integration programme, contact one of the following:

  • Prague 9, Lehovec, Chvaletická 918 Primary School
  • Prague 9, Černý Most, Vybíralova 964 Primary School
  • Hloubětínská 700, Lehovec Primary School
  • Bratří Venclíků Primary School, Černý Most, Bří. Venclíků 1140
  • Generála Janouška Primary School, Černý Most, Gen. Janouška 1006
  • Korálek Kindergarten, Bobkova 766
  • Obláček Kindergarten, Šebelova 874
  • Vybíralova 968 Kindergarten
  • Paculova 1115 Kindergarten
  • Sluníčko Kindergarten, Černý Most, Gen. Janouška 1005

Participation in all Czech courses is free.


Children’s Corner and Reading Fairy Tales Together at the Local Černý Mošt Festival

The Prague 14 City District invites the public to take part in the preparation of the Černý Mošt (Black Juice) festival! The festival usually offers a varied programme, live music, local treats, sports games, and an opportunity to learn new skills at various workshops.

The main aim of this event is to allow friends and neighbours to meet up and spend a nice day together!

Participation is free of charge.


Adult Education

The integration of adult migrants is just as important as integration of children and that is why the Prague 14 City District has been committed to the development of this area for several years.

Adults can sign up for courses where they can start learning Czech. They also have an opportunity to take part in informal events where they can meet other people and become acquainted with Czech culture.

Apart from that, we organise socio-cultural courses which foster migrants’ integration into the local milieu and understanding of the rights and obligations of citizens.

Czech Language Courses

Prague 14 Parish Caritas

Parish caritas, a branch of the Caritas of the Archdiocese of Prague, organises free courses of Czech. The courses take place from January to June and from September to December 2020 in Prague 9, Maňákova 754.

Programme of the course



For more information, contact the coordinator:

Viktorie Šobejová


Tel: 739,203,254


Kardašovská Cultural Centre

The Kardašovská Cultural Centre also offers free Czech courses that are open for enrolment. The courses start on 18th February 2020 and take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:15 p.m.

Address: Kardašovská 626/5, KC Kardašovská

Participation in the course is free of charge.

Contacts for registration: Alžběta Křemenová: event coordinator, tel.: 734,782,954


Veronika Štogrová: event coordinator, tel.: 734,782,953


Courses of Socio-cultural Orientation

This year, we have prepared up to 6 expert-led courses for you to give you the most important information in the following areas:

  1. Taxes
  2. Social benefits (your rights and obligations)
  3. Czech citizenship
  4. Relationship between employer and employee (types and conditions of employment contracts)
  5. Debts, loans, mortgages
  6. Pregnancy in the Czech Republic

Participation in the course is free of charge.

The courses take place in Czech, Russian, or English. The dates will be specified through social media:




Expert Counselling

Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU)

The OPU provides field consultations in Prague 14. This NGO specializes in helping migrants and refugees in legal and social matters. They are always ready to help to those in need.

Within their field level work, a trained social worker along with one of the intercultural experts (Vietnamese and Russian speakers) communicate with migrants and provide them with on-the-spot assistance and counselling.

Contact: Adela Simakova, tel.: +420 720 418 723, email:


Integration Centre Prague (ICP)

The ICP has their own branch in Prague 14, where you can arrange a free consultation with a lawyer or a social worker.

For more information, see //

Address: Kučerova 727/3, Prague 14


Community Events Fostering Integration

Since 2019, we have been in contact with the representatives of foreigners’ associations. We provide guidance and community events facilitation during the course of the whole year.

In 2020, the Prague 14 City District holds a project competition Sousedé pro sousedy (Neighbours for neighbours) as a part of their support for foreigners’ community events.

If you have an event of this kind on your mind, don’t hesitate to apply. You can get a contribution of CZK 5.000 for the organisation!

Examples of projects:

  • Last year, Alexander Reznic held a photo exhibition Praha očima cizinců (Prague through foreigners’ eyes) which showed the author’s way of integration through his work.
  • Another event was a handmade foam flowers workshop – an opportunity for neighbours to meet up and become acquainted with Ukrainian traditions.

We will be happy to support your ideas! The form of the event is up to you: it may be a lecture with a discussion, small concert, creative workshop, cooking together, an event for parents and children… We welcome any idea for an event, the main aim of which will be giving people an opportunity to meet their neighbours and to enrich the neighbourhood community.

You can consult your ideas with Ekaterina Kokkalou, coordinator of the project Supporting Integration of Foreigners in the Prague 14 City District.


We’re awaiting your proposals with open arms

and we wish you good luck!

Community Events at Schools

In 2019, our kindergartens and schools became involved in the implementation of community events fostering integration. In the course of the year, there were creative workshops, a sports day, and an intercultural food festival.

The dates of future events and their focus will be specified in 2020.


Helpful Services of the Prague 14 Office

Branch of the Labour Office

Prague 9 contact office (for Prague 9, 14, 18, 19, 20, and 21)




Contacts for offices, Job vacancies, Contacts for employees


Cultural Life

There are 4 houses of culture in the territory of Prague 14. If you are a resident of Prague 14, we recommend that you get to know them and follow their activities, if you haven’t done so yet.

Houses of culture offer a diverse programme (cultural, entertainment, educational and sports events) for a little or no entrance fee. To learn about the many free events and master classes, check the websites of the houses of culture.

Kardašovská Cultural Centre






Kyje House of Culture



Calendar of events in Prague 14

Don’t know which cultural centre to pick? Use the calendar of Prague 14 and have the information on cultural events sent to your email. Then simply choose what suits your interest and schedule the best.




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The territorial jurisdiction of the office is not limited. You can choose any local office regardless your place of residence or headquarters.

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