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Prague City Hall

Division of National Minorities and Foreigners

Within the Prague City Hall there is a Division of National Minorities and Foreigners which deals with integration and which is a part of the Office of the Chief Executive of the Prague City Hall department.



Office of the Director of the City Hall – Division of National Minorities and Foreigners

Škodův palác – Jungmannova 35 / 29, 110 01 Prague 1

Telephone: +420 236 00 2599

Email: integrace@praha.eu

Website: //www.praha.eu/jnp/en/index.html

This division coordinates the implementation of activities and measures related to the integration of foreigners as defined by the Policy of the City of Prague for Integration of Foreign Nationals. It cooperates with individual departments of the Prague City Hall, ensures communication and cooperation with institutions, city districts, NGOs and other relevant organisations.



Integration Centre of Prague, o.p.s.

If you are a migrant living in Prague and you are seeking advice, looking for a Czech language course or another type of course, want to get involved in or just come to one of the cultural, community or sports events, contact the Integration Centre of Prague.

The Integration Centre of Prague, o. p. s. was established by the Prague City Hall. Its task is to carry out systematic and comprehensive work in the area of integration of migrants. The slogan of the Integration Centre of Prague is “Metropolis for All”, which refers to one of its main aims: to create conditions which will allow migrants living in Prague to feel like fully-fledged citizens of our metropolis and participate in its public life.



Address: Žitná 1574/51, 110 00 Prague 1

Tel.: +420 252 543 846

Email: info@icpraha.com



House of National Minorities – Prague

Address: Vocelova 602/3, 120 00 Prague 2

Tel.: +420 221 419 800



Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, Department of Asylum and Migration Policy (OAMP)

Address: Nad Štolou 3, 170 34 Prague 7 (post box 21)

Email: opu@mvcr.cz

Email: pobyty@mvcr.cz (general information line)

Tel.: (Monday–Thursday 8:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m.. Friday  9:00 a.m – 12 noon): +420 974 801 801 (general information line)

Contacts for individual regional offices of the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the CR are available here.



Police of the Czech Republic – Foreign Police Service

Address: Olšanská 2, 130 51 Prague 3 (post box 78)

Tel: +420 974 841 219 – secretariat of the director, fax: +420 974 841 093

Email: pp.rscp.sekretariat@pcr.cz

Electronic registry (for documents with electronic signature): epodatelna.policie@pcr.cz

Website: //www.policie.cz/sluzba-cizinecke-policie.aspx

Contacts for the individual Foreign Police regional offices are available here.