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In the Transport section you can learn what means of transport can be used for travelling in Prague, what type of ticket you need and where to buy it and how to find a suitable transport connection.

For travelling across Prague you can use the Prague public transport (the Czech abbreviation is MHD): metro, trams, buses or suburban trains. All information about traffic, latest news, timetables and rules of travelling can be found on the website of the Prague Public Transit Company (the Czech abbreviation is DPP). You may also come across the term Prague Integrated Transport (PIT; in Czech PID), which is the name of a modern integrated public transport system under which there are uniform transport and tariff conditions and coordinated timetables. Tariffs of the Prague Integrated Transport, that is, prices of transport, are based on the zones and times during which you may travel from one place to another.



Accessible Travelling

The aim of the Prague Integrated Transport is to provide services that each and every one of us are able to use. That is why the number of connections with low-floor vehicles keeps increasing, bus and tram stops are also being adjusted for easy wheelchair access and accessible entrances to metro and railway stations are being built.

The PIT connection search engine enables one to filter connections by adding the “barrier-free connections only” parameter.