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Entrepreneurship of Legal Entities – Business Corporations

Would you like to establish your own company? Business corporations are commercial companies and cooperatives (which are divided into cooperatives and the European Cooperative Society). Commercial companies are:

  • Unlimited partnership
  • Limited partnership company
  • Limited liability company
  • Joint stock company
  • European company
  • European Economic Interest Grouping

All companies and cooperatives must be registered in the commercial register. No company can have legal existence without registration. It is thus necessary to differentiate between establishing a corporation, which is the first step, and the beginning of legal existence, which follows after that.

As a foreigner, you may need a work permit even if you are a partner, a statutory body, or a member of a legal entity (commercial company), if your job is to perform tasks arising from the subject of the activity of the legal entity.

The businessinfo.cz website offers a very detailed description of the basic steps leading to the establishment of commercial companies and cooperatives and points out the differences in their establishment. You will also find other detailed business guides there.


Updated for socio-legal content as of 8th November 2021.