Up-to-date Information for Citizens of Ukraine

Important and up-to-date information about helping refugees and activities of the City of Prague: website Hlavní město Praha pro Ukrajinu

We are updating the information available for you. Follow the News section on our website as well as our Facebook Metropole všech!

For comprehensive and reliable information on residence in the CR for citizens of Ukraine, follow mvcr.cz.

Information service for refugees from Ukraine who have arrived in Prague is provided by the  Prague website for helping Ukraine.

Do you need further information? The Ministry of the Interior has set up a telephone line +420 974 801 802 and an email ukrajina@mvcr.cz for your questions.

Assistance for persons with disabilities coming to the CR from Ukraine

Do you need free help and advice? There are NGOs that offer legal and social counselling as well as other services:

Psychological and psychosocial support is provided free of charge and in person by the AMIGA  association and their partners within the DUMKA project:   +420 778 979 211, dumka@amiga-migrant.cz.

Helping Ukraine and Ukrainian Citizens

Would you like to help but don’t know where to direct your help? Do you need information? At nasiukrajinci.cz, you will find a nationwide navigation page that will help you make your decision.

If you are offering help at a large scale (whole hotels, mass transportation, etc.), please contact the relevant Ukraine Assistance Centre.

If you are offering help at a small scale or if you are requesting assistance, use the Pomáhej Ukrajině (Help Ukraine) platform established by the Consortium of Migrants Assisting Organizations.

The navigation page with links to verified financial and material collections and other information is run by stojimezaukrajinou.cz.

Do you have the capacity to accommodate families fleeing the war in the Prague capital? Please fill in the form on this page: pomocukrajine.eu.

Information on humanitarian aid for Ukraine and offers of medical assistance is available on the website of the Ministry of Health.


We are pleased to introduce our website, which is primarily intended for migrants living in Prague. At the same time, this website provides useful information for all residents of the capital of Prague, which is becoming more and more culturally diverse, just like a number of other European cities.>

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