Points of Single Contact (PSCs)

The Point of Single Contact (PSC) offers free information necessary for starting a business in the Czech Republic or anywhere in the European Union. The PSC also facilitates contact with the competent authorities in the CR and in the EU responsible for the authorisation of the specific activity and forwards your application for a trade license or recognition of professional qualification to relevant authorities. All formalities necessary for starting a business can thus be completed at one place. PSCs are set up by the state on the basis of European Union legislation. The information they provide is verified and updated.

In the Czech Republic there are 15 Points of Single Contact. The full list and the contacts for the individual PSCs are available on BusinessINFO.

In Prague you can use the services of two PSCs: one at the Prague 1 Trade Licensing Office, the other at the Prague 7 Trade Licensing Office.

Prague 1 City District Office – Municipal Trade Licensing Office

Address: Vodičkova 681/18, 115 68, Prague 1 – Nové Město

Telephone: + 420 221 097 139, + 420 221 097 394, + 420 221 097 366

Email: jkm@praha1.cz

Website: www.praha1.cz

Prague 7 City District Office – Municipal Trade Licensing Office

Address: Nábřeží kpt. Jaroše 1000, 170 00 Prague 7

Telephone: + 420 220 144 164

Email: jkm@praha7.cz

Website: www.praha7.cz

Electronic form

Inquiries on business in the CR and the EU can also be submitted online via a form available on BusinessINFO.cz.

For a complete list of information about PSCs and their services, see BusinessINFO.cz.

At the Points of Single Contact, you can communicate in Czech as well as in English.

Updated for socio-legal content as of 8th November 2021.