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Before starting a business you need to know applicable laws, what conditions you need to meet and which permits, confirmations and stamps you need to get. The electronic version of Points of Single Contact (PSCs) provides detailed and trustworthy instructions for more than 180 business activities of various fields. The instructions will help you to go through the procedure of obtaining the necessary permits for carrying out a business activity, including all forms and applications. You will also learn where to send the applications and what happens next. PSCs fall within the scope of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and therefore all information has been verified.




Electronic PSCs can be found on the following website:


If you would like to ask a question regarding business, you can also visit one of the 14 physical PSCs, which are located throughout the Czech Republic. You can also arrange everything you need here. You can find a list of PSCs including their addresses on the following website:

Electronic form

You can also submit your inquiry to PSCs via an electronic form: