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Municipal Library of Prague

The Municipal Library of Prague was established by the capital city in order to acquire, process, store and provide information, literature and other cultural values. Branches of the library are located all over the metropolis, so that they are accessible to absolutely everyone. Currently, there are 45 branches altogether. The central library is situated on Mariánské náměstí square, near the Old Town Square and the Staroměstská metro station. Individual branches do not only lend books, but they also organise various cultural events.

The library also offers mobile libraries called Book Buses, which provide their services at places, which are too remote from brick-and-mortar libraries or where local branches are closed for an extended period. The mobile library offers its readers a wide range of books for children and adults as well as the Internet.

Anyone can become a registered library member and therefore migrants legally residing in the Czech Republic are no exception.

The Municipal Library also offers services for people with various disabilities – physical, hearing, visual as well as mental. To learn more go to https://www.mlp.cz/cz/projekty/cilove-skupiny/knihovna-bez-barier/.



  1. 1. Find your closest library branch (or a branch which appeals to you the most) and pay it a visit.
  2. 2. Take your ID or other identity document (passport) and a document proving that you live in the Czech Republic (biometric card; residence permit card) with you.
  3. 3. Pay the registration fee.
  4. 4. Use services of the library.



-Children under the age of 15 do not have to pay a registration fee or for the library card.

-A yearly registration fee for an adult costs 80 CZK (60 CZK for registration + 20 CZK for the library card) or 60 CZK if you have Opencard/Lítačka card as it can be used as a library card as well.

-Registration fee for a legal entity (institution) costs 120 CZK for each individual.


Loan periods:

-Books, magazines, sheet music, spoken word (CD), music (CD/LP), films (DVD), e-books, board games, vinyls – 4 weeks.

-Pictures – 26 weeks.

If you do not return the loan in time, you will face a fine, which is calculated based on the number of items borrowed and the length of delay!