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Municipal Library of Prague

A public library for everyone!

A total of 44 library branches located throughout Prague offer a wide range of services and activities, many of which are available for free and without registration. The offer is even wider for registered users: apart from borrowing books, they can take part in creative activities, use computers, and a lot more.

Anyone can become a registered library member, including migrants legally residing in the Czech Republic. Read on to learn where to find the individual branches, what the library has to offer and how to register.

Library branches

The Central Library is situated on Mariánské náměstí, near the Old Town Square and the Staroměstská metro station. Places which are too remote from brick-and-mortar libraries are served by mobile libraries called bibliobuses. A list of all branches, including addresses and contacts, can be found on the website of the library.

Contacts: website: mlp.cz , e-mail: knihovna@mlp.cz, telephone: 222 113 555

Information leaflet about library services in Prague in English.

Source: website of the National Library in Prague

Visiting without a library card

Services offered to all users of the library for free and without registration:

  • Newspapers, magazines, books (in Czech and other languages, especially English, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish) for on-site reading
  • Wi-Fi
  • A quiet environment for self-study
  • E-books in Czech and English – e-knihovna.cz
  • Online access to Czech and international newspapers and magazines – PressReader app at the Central Library (pressreader.com)
  • Public events: lectures, workshops, programs for children, film screenings, concerts, etc. The current program can be found on the website: mlp.cz/akce. Most events are free; admission fee applies to films, concerts and also some workshops requiring specific material.
  • Tutoring for children of foreigners and other activities for foreigners (e.g. conversation clubs) – for more information see the website of the library or ask at any library branch.
  • Space you can use to organise your own activities

Are you interested in tutoring for children of foreigners at the library? Keep an eye on the Events and News sections, which is where new information is posted on a regular basis, and follow us on Facebook. 

Are you looking for a place where your club, your study group or just you and your language teacher can meet? The library offers nice and quiet areas free of charge where you can work, have a discussion or exchange ideas.

After prior arrangement, the areas can be used at these branches:

  • Břevnov, Bělohorská 1666/56, Prague 6, tel. +420 770 130 235
  • Dittrichova, Dittrichova 1543/2, Prague 2, tel. +420 770 130 251
  • Dům čtení, Ruská 1455/192, Prague 10, tel. +420 770 130 256
  • Jezerka, Nuselská 94, Prague 4, tel. +420 770 130 224
  • Korunní, Korunní 68, Prague 10, tel. +420 770 130 218
  • Lužiny, Archeologická 2256/1, Prague 13, tel. +420 770 130 281
  • Malešice, Počernická 524/64, Prague 10, tel. +420 770 130 261
  • Opatov, Opatovská 1754/14, Prague 11, tel. +420 770 130 258
  • Sedmička, Tusarova 35, Prague 7, tel. +420 770 130 205
  • Smíchov, Náměstí 14.října 83/15, Prague 5, tel. +420 770 130 229
  • Ústřední knihovna, Dílna, Mariánské náměstí 98/1, Prague 1, tel. +420 222 113 387
  • Zahradní Město, Topolová 2961/12a, Prague 10, tel. +420 770 130 247
  • Záhřebská, Záhřebská 158/20, Prague 2, tel. +420 770 130 265

On e-knihovna.cz you can choose from over 1700 books free for download. You will find there Czech and world fiction, detective stories, children’s books and school reading, plays and poetry. Literary works are available in 3 formats suitable for reading on mobile phones and tablets as well as computer monitors and book readers. 

Library registration

The following services are available to registered library users:

  • Off-site loans: books, magazines, music CDs, language textbooks, sheet music, board games, pictures
  • PC with Internet access available for booking for 1 hour a day
  • Sewing machines at the Jezerka Studio
  • Carpentry workshop at DOK16
  • Suterén creative workshop at the Central Library – 3D printing, lamination, pyrography, lettering etc.
  • “Silent piano” for playing music through headphones at the Central Library

How to register?

Registration for the library can be done at any library branch. The library card is valid in all branches. A yearly registration costs CZK 80 (free for users under 15 and over 70).

EU citizens need to present an identity document issued by an EU state to be able to register. Citizens of other countries have to produce their residence permit in the CR. If they are not residence permit holders, they can pay a deposit of CZK 1000 or register in the presence of a guarantor.

Read more in an English information leaflet for parents of child readers.

Books can be borrowed for the period of 4 weeks with the possibility of extending the period by another 4 weeks. If you fail to extend your loan in time, there is a fee of CZK 5 per book and per library open day for exceeding the loan period (late fee). The loan period can also be extended online before it expires. 

Creative Library Centres

The library is not just books, it is also a place where you can spend your creative time! Just visit one of the creative centres.

DOK 16 

A neighbourhood workshop on the Smíchov embankment for everyone who wants to work on their own project and lacks tools or space.

Reader’s card holders can borrow hand and power tools for free. The workshop organises workshops and courses in working with wood and paper, lectures (not only) on crafts and sustainable lifestyle, Saturday activities for families with children, community events, swaps, and more.

Address: Cell No. 16, Hořejší nábřeží, Prague 5 – Smíchov

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Jezerka Studio

Does your clothes need adjustment? Do you want to learn to sew? The Jezerka Studio has equipment for working with textiles as well as experienced consultants!

Address: Pobočka Jezerka, Nuselská 603/94, Praha 4


A shared workspace where you can work on your own projects or learn something new! Suterén holds workshops in bookbinding, calligraphy and lettering, 3D modelling for printing, and pyrography. In Suterén you can use programs for photo and video editing, equipment for printing, lamination and mechanical binding as well as 3D printing.

Address: Central Library – Suterén, Mariánské náměstí 1, Prague 1

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Read more in an English information leaflet about the Municipal Library creative centres.