Adults’ Education

Have you completed secondary education and are you interested in further studies? Chose from studies at universities or higher vocational schools.



Higher Vocational Schools

Higher vocational schools provide specialized studies, which usually take 2 to 3 years. The graduates obtain a foundation degree (“diplomovaný specialista”, abbreviated “DiS.”). It is not equal to university education. Higher vocational schools provide study programmes such as social pedagogy, advertisement, artistic creation, nursing, paramedic studies, tourism, graphic design and many more.


A list of higher vocational schools can be found on the following website:

Admission criteria for individual schools can be found on their websites.



Are you interested in studying at university? Prague is a city with the largest number of universities in the Republic. There are dozens of public, private and state universities offering hundreds of educational programmes. A list of universities and educational programmes can be found for example on the website (here you can filter universities based on study fields and programmes). You can also have a look at the search portal or the website of the Ministry of Education of the CR:

You can study bachelor studies, master studies or master studies following after bachelor studies in various study forms – full-time, distance or combined. A condition for admission to university studies is successful completion of the admission procedure. Every university sets its own rules of the admission procedure. Some universities require their applicants to pass written tests, oral interviews, talent tests or a combination of these.Some universities admit students without entrance exams or only on the basis of academic grades of their previous secondary school studies.

In some cases, prospective students who do not have Czech citizenship or have not passed the secondary school leaving exam in Czech also have to pass an exam in the Czech language as a part of their entrance exams. Always check the entrance exams conditions on the website of the particular university/faculty/department or at the student’s department.

If the university system is complicated for you to understand, you can come for a consultation to an organisation focused on integration of migrants in the area of education (e.g. META, o. p. s.).

If you obtained your secondary school education in a state other than the Czech Republic, one of the essential elements of the application to study at a university is recognition of a document certifying completion of these studies. You can learn more information on recognition of education in the following chapter. If you obtained secondary school education at a Czech school, you only enclose your secondary school leaving examination certificate and do not need recognition of your previous education.