Prague 15 City District


Address: Boloňská 478/1, 109 00 Prague 10 – Horní Měcholupy

Switchboard tel.: 281 003 111

Information office tel.: 281 003 190, 281 003 197

Registry tel.: 281 003 192, 281 003 193




The Prague 15 City District also performs administrative tasks for the following city districts: Prague-Dolní Měcholupy, Dubeč, Petrovice and Štěrboholy.

Prague 15 is situated in the southeast part of the capital. It was established in 1994 by the joining of two cadastral areas – Horní Měcholupy and Hostivař – which led to creation of a district with a population of more than 30,000 people and an area of 10.2km².

In Prague 15 you can find the Hostivař Dam with the adjacent forest park as well as a sports complex with an indoor swimming pool and a multipurpose hall. Close to the dam there are the Meanders of Botič which have acquired the status of protected natural area and the Old Hostivař area which has been declared an urban heritage zone. Above the Hostivař Dam there is a fortified settlement – a 1st category archaeological monument. The most significant architectural cultural monument in Hostivař is the Church of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist in Domkářská Street, which is one of the oldest sanctuaries in Prague.

Prague 15 has become a very popular residential area and a place to spend leisure time. The city district has seen significant development. Together with the construction of new terraced houses there have also been several new sports grounds and places for recreational purposes built. It is worth mentioning that there is a golf course, bike paths, a rope park, and the newly renovated dam. Inhabitants of Prague 15 can meet and spend their free time together as members of interest groups and organisations such as the House Owners’ Community, the Fishing Association and the Volunteer Fire Brigade. Pensioners can join the Senior Club or the Senior Association – Prague 15 Active Seniors.

The Prague 15 City District organises Czech language lessons for children of foreigners to help the primary schools which these children attend. There is also close cooperation between the city district office and the Prague Integration Centre to help foreigners resolve their individual issues. Every year, the city district office financially participates in the organisation of cultural events for national minorities within the administrative unit.


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