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Journey across the Czech Land

We invite you to an event with a rich multicultural programme, where five different languages will be spoken. You will get to know the beauties of the Czech land and also look behind the border of the Czech Republic to learn about the culture of foreign countries. You can enjoy the theatre performance by Krásný Sarafán, listen to a Ukrainian band Ignis, and dance to original covers of ABBA’s songs. There will be untraditional attractions with the theme of Prague integrated transport: huge metro, professional tram driving simulator, inflatable airport, and more. You can get a driving licence for electrical cars issued by the municipal police of the CR. All this and a lot more awaits you at the event called Journey across the Czech Land (Cestou zemí českou) at the Modřany House of Children and Young People (DDM) on 22nd September from 2 to 6 p.m.


For more information, have a look at the DDM’s website or Facebook.