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Book Launch

A story about the symbols of the Czech Republic

When: 15th February 2022, 5 p.m.

Where: Municipal Library of Prague – Central Library, Mariánské Square 1, Prague 1

A lot has been said about the symbols of the Czech Republic, but it seems that it can never be enough. New generations ask for a new approach to the topic and special attention has to be paid to children to make sure they understand everything.

Writer Ivona Březinová and illustrator Sevdalina Kovářová Kostadinova will introduce their brand-new book published by the Zaedno Association. This beautifully illustrated and engagingly written book tells a story about the symbols of the Czech Republic. A fairytale-like story is a playful way to introduce children to a topic that is not always easy to understand. It introduces the symbols one by one: the Czech national emblem, the flag, the anthem, the national tree, and the crown jewels. The primary intention of the book is to foster integration of children with a different mother tongue. The publisher even remembered those who cannot read at all – an audio version of the book is available, too. Several attractive online knowledge quizzes and games have also been created just for this publication. Everything can be found at www.kamaradi.eu.

Organisers: Zaedno Association and the Municipal Library of Prague