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Multicultural day in Prague 14

Would you like to have some fun while learning about other cultures? Then don’t hesitate to head over to Černý Most! On 1st June 2018, Prague 14’s Multicultural Day is taking place. Prague 14 is home to about 6 thousand foreigners – Vietnamese, Slovaks, Russians, Ukrainians, and many others. The festival will present the traditions and customs of these nations in a fun way which will make it entertaining for both children and adults. Visitors can also look forward to a lot of international fun as well as opportunities to discover other cultures, plus gastronomic “excursions”. The festival targets all age groups and will take place in two different locations. In Central Park close to the Rajská Zahrada metro station there will be a programme for elementary schools and families. In the morning, there will also be theatre performances and more for kindergarten children. The other venue will be the Plechárna leisure centre and its surroundings, where the program is aimed at young people and adults.

The event is organised under the auspices of Lucie Svobodová, vice mayor of Prague 14.

For more information and the programme, have a look here.