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One, Two, Three – Let’s Play!

Karlínské spektrum, one of the Houses of Children and Young People, is hosting a board game club on 9 and 20 April from 3 to 6 p.m. You and your children are welcome to play your favourite card games. The club is free to join for children over the age of 4. It is possible to arrange the pick-up of children from afterschool clubs of the Perunova, Lyčkovo náměstí, and Petr Strozzi’s Kindergartens and Elementary Schools.


On 13 April, the DESKA club will host a play-night and sleepover with some more games on the following Saturday morning. The event which is being held for the second time starts at 6 p.m. and is open to children aged 8 to 16. It gives children a chance to play time demanding games which they usually fail to finish at the regular meetings of the club. Children can pick their favourite games or use their time to learn new complex games.


To find more information about events organised by Houses of Children and Young People, have a look at their website.