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Women’s Circles at InBaze

Women’s Circles at InBaze: a group where all women can have a break and be themselves

Twice a month, InBaze opens exclusively to women. During the afternoon, the community room is transformed into a space where ladies, wives, mothers and grandmothers can sit together in a circle and discuss what they have on their minds or just enjoy a laid back atmosphere full of feminine energy for a while.

Women’s Circles

Some sessions are magical as they include card reading, fortune telling, palm reading or numerology. Others are more creative – women can create essential oils or bath bombs. They learn how to do it and also take some of the energy back home ‘for later’.

Women’s Circle meetings are sessions open to all women regardless of their nationality or knowledge of Czech. They are an opportunity to have a break for a while and replenish energy for the days to come, to meet new beautiful faces or just say hello to a friend from a previous meeting. As in any women’s group, there is a myriad of topics, and sometimes women would rather stay for much longer than the hour and a half, but they can always continue at the next meeting. A new participant often brings a new topic to the women’s circle, as well as her unique charm and zest for life.

Do not think that Women’s Circles are just ‘girl talk’. They are gatherings of energetic and passionate women who want to meet and to create and experience something together. The topic of the meeting is always announced in advance, so that everyone can decide whether it is their cup of tea. The circle usually gathers women who live in Prague alone or do not know many people here, women who want to make new friends or just take a break from everyday work or childcare. Women who have left their home country far behind and are not likely to go back simply wish to make Prague their second home and that’s why they come to the meetings on (ir)regular basis.

Although most women that come to women’s circles are migrants or, if you prefer, foreigners, all meetings are open to Czech women, too. For them, it is an opportunity to experience a unique multicultural atmosphere and find a new perspective for their issues. The language of the circles is Czech, because the secondary goal of the meetings is integration, which cannot be achieved without the knowledge of Czech.

Czech women at the circles can therefore see what it takes to try and find one’s place in a new country.

Who leads Women’s Circles and choses their topics?

For almost two years, the most important person behind Women’s Circles has been Mariya Mortillaro, a mother of three originally from Ukraine who, together with her Italian husband, found her new home in a small village outside of Prague. It is admirable how energetic she is, always planning and organising something, looking for new interesting topics and unique, talented lecturers for the meetings she hosts regularly. Maybe the energy she uses to form and develop the group stems from her skills of a qualified ICF coach, happy to help or advise everyone.

Would you like to learn more about Women’s Circles or do you want to join them right away? Send an email to mortillaro@inbaze.cz or book your place at March meetings that will take place on 8th and 22nd March from 6 p.m. at InBaze, Legerova 50, Prague 2. Our themes will be ‘Goddess Woman’ and “How to Turn Crisis into Opportunities’.

photos: blog InBáze