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Lab 31 – A New Interactive Project for Children

Photo: OPU

A group of 21 children has been quite busy in the recent months. In four parkour lessons, they learned the basics of safety, practised jumps, rolls, and keeping on the wall, while building the team spirit. They spent a month playing drums and learned to play a rhythmical composition together with their lecturers. They have learned the basic moves in their street dance lessons. Children liked the best break dance and hip hop. At their art workshops, they used coloured ink and shaving foam to draw abstract pictures, they worked with the linocut technique, and they also created a huge puzzle – each child made their own piece.

It is one of the aims of the LAB 31 international project to enable children to try out a wide variety of activities. In the Czech Republic, the project is carried out by a non-governmental non-profit organisation called Organization for Aid to Refugees (the Czech abbreviation is OPU). Another aim of the project is to enhance integration. That is why the project connects Czech children with children of foreigners from nine countries of the world.  The activities enable children aged eight to fifteen to meet, which is very beneficial for them in many ways.

Lab 31 is a five-month project and it will culminate with an improvisation performance for parents and the public at the end of June.

More information about the project is available at the websites of HATE FREE and OPU.