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Anti-Covid Vaccination

Prague authorities in cooperation with other institutions are getting ready for successful vaccination against the COVID-19 disease. State-designated vaccination centres as well as individual contributory organisations have been involved in the preparation process and a survey of interest in the vaccination among healthcare professionals, members of the integrated rescue system, and people in homes for elderly is being conducted. The Municipal Polyclinic in Prague plans to open their own vaccination centre on Spálená Street.

What the Prague authorities consider essential for a smooth process of vaccination is an information campaign that is now being prepared and organisation of target vaccination of the aforementioned priority groups in the first stages of the process.

From 15th January, people over 80 years of age will be able to register for vaccination. From 1st February, the registration will be open for all inhabitants of the Czech Republic. However, their vaccination appointment date will depend on a number of criteria, the main being age and state of health.

More information in Czech is available on the website of the Prague City Hall and the Ministry of Health.

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