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New Rules for Entering the CR From 9 November

New rules for entering the Czech Republic come into effect from 9‎thNovember. The list of countries with a low risk of infection will now be regularly updated. Based on the epidemiological situation, countries will be divided into three categories: green, orange, and red.

  • Travellers from green countries may arrive under the same rules as before the COVID epidemic.
  • Travellers from orange countries arriving to study or work in the CR must present a negative test before going to their workplace or the educational institution.
  • Travellers from red countries must complete an arrival form and undergo a test.


Citizens of third countries continue to be banned from entry to the territory of the CR. Conditions for entry and categories of persons that are allowed to enter the CR are regulated by the new Protective Measure. The rules for entering the country can be found on the website of the MI.

CAUTION: During the period of validity of the Crisis Measure restricting free movement of persons in the territory of the CR, it is possible to travel to the Czech Republic only if absolutely necessary, regardless of the conditions mentioned above. All persons entering the Czech Republic must observe the rules of free movement restrictions.

More information is available at the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the CR.