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One-Year Extension of Temporary Protection

An amendment to the law called Lex Ukraine IV is soon coming into force. This amendment sets out the procedure for the extension of temporary protection for one year and the extension of sufferance visa.

If you have been granted temporary protection valid until 31st March 2023, make sure to extend your temporary protection for one year, i.e. until 31st March 2024.  If you do not have temporary protection and would like to apply for it, please contact KACPU. In this case, the following extension process does not apply to you.

Temporary protection extension needs to be done in two steps:

1. First, register for an in-person appointment at the Ministry of the Interior’s Department for Asylum and Migration Policy (OAMP), using their online system. This system will be launched on 24th January 2023 at earliest and you will need to register by March 31st at latest. To be able to register, you will need an email address to which you will receive a confirmation of your registration. This conformation will also serve as a proof of temporary protection extension which you can for example present to your employer if needed. There is no need to produce it to the authorities as they will be informed automatically. For further information, keep an eye on the website of MOI and Naši Ukrajinci Facebook page. There will also be a video tutorial on the registration which is currently being prepared. When going through the registration, you will submit your personal details and the number of your biometric passport. If you don’t have a biometric passport, do not specify the number. If you have for example changed your address and you haven’t notified the change to the OAMP yet, make sure to report the change of your address first and only then (once the change has been made in the system, which takes up to a week) do your registration. The system also allows you to register a child under the age of 18. Bear in mind that during your appointment, you will be required to prove your relationship to the child.

2. An in-person appointment at the OAMP to collect the temporary protection label. The label will be put in the passport. A label for a child under the age of 18 has to be collected by the child’s family representative who must prove their relationship to the child. This can be done by presenting the child’s birth certificate or the parent’s passport with the child’s details in it. A list of relevant documents can be found on mvcr.cz.

Make sure not to miss the appointment you made within your registration. You can get the label in your passport only with a prior reservation! If you cannot attend the appointment for serious reasons, please reschedule the date of your appointment in the system. If you make the change too late (e.g. a day before), it won’t be possible to cancel the appointment.

If you do not have temporary protection but a sufferance visa valid until 2023, you do not need to extend it. Your visa will be automatically extended until the end of March 2024. With this visa, you will now be able to travel. Other authorities and institutions (e.g. the health insurance company) will be automatically notified of the extension and therefore there is no need for a new visa label. If you still want one, you have to make an appointment at the OAMP by phone or online through mvcr.cz to get the label (the registration process mentioned above does not apply to you!).

If you need help extending your temporary protection, do not hesitate to use free legal advice offered by non-governmental non-profit organisations.