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Salm Modern #1: Dimensions of Dialogue

Do not miss a unique exhibition in the Salm Palace. The exhibition Možnosti dialogu / Dimensions of Dialogue / Möglichkeiten des Dialogs was created thanks to the partnership of the National Gallery in Prague and Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. The exhibition assembles a selection of works provided by the German partner and selected pieces by contemporary Czech artists from the collections of the Prague National Gallery and private collections. The project of the two institutions is based on the idea to promote and foster the dialogue between the cities and artistic attitudes in the West and in the East which takes place in Central Europe. This dialogue and the exhibition are defined by the name of a work by the Czech film maker Jan Švakmajer. In his fantastic, surrealist, dreamlike, and comical film Dimensions of Dialogue from 1982, inanimate things and fragments are composed into a whole which is immediately undermined. Thanks to the animation techniques, Švankmajer interconnects a wide variety of everyday life objects and spontaneously created clay figures, dolls, and other creatures. 


More information is available on the website of the National Gallery Prague.