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New E-Book Praguers with a Foreign Passport Released

The Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences has introduced a new e-book based on the data obtained from unique applied research aimed at Prague inhabitants – foreign nationals from non-EU countries. The aim of the research carried out by the Prague City Hall was to obtain information which cannot be found in public registers and which may serve as material for improving the effectiveness of the integration measures in the Czech capital. The research output was published with a financial support of the Prague City Hall in a book called Pražané s cizím pasem (Praguers with a Foreign Passport) as a contribution to the debate on the integration of this significant part of Prague inhabitants into the Czech society. At the same time, the book may help its readers to find answers to various questions related to expats in Prague. It for example explains what motivates migrants to go live and work in Prague, what their plans for the future are, what issues they face here, and how they get on with the majority society.

The e-book is free to download at this link.