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New Czech as a Second Language Textbook

The META organisation has issued a unique textbook of Czech as a second language Levou zadní 1. The textbook is intended for primary school pupils who are preparing for secondary school studies as well as pedagogues who help these pupils with their preparation. META issued the textbook in cooperation with the Breisky graphic studio and the kind support of Velux Foundations.

The textbook was created as a part of a daily Czech as a second language course for pupils with a different mother tongue aged 14 to 18. It consists of 12 lessons which cover basic everyday-life conversation topics. The focus of the book is to develop all four speech skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and also to improve the learners’ knowledge of Czech history and culture.

You can have a look inside the book.

The textbook is for sale at META for CZK 390.

More information is available at this link.