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Run for Health and Help Endangered Animals

On the 27th April, there will be the fifth year of the Run for the Prague ZOO. It is organised by the Drosophila student society with the support of the Faculty of Education, Charles University, and the Prague ZOO. If you decide to take part in the run, do not hesitate to register!

All proceeds from the participation fees will be donated to the We Help Them to Survive project. It is an important project of the Prague ZOO, which is intensely involved in captive breeding of animals and maintaining the genetic pool of endangered species, as well as the protection of animal species in their natural habitats.

You can also hand in your old mobile phone with the battery at the start. What is it good for? By doing so, you can help gorillas. The thing is that mobile phones include niobium and tantalum – rare metals extracted from an ore called coltan. Coltan is mined in Central Africa which is home to many endangered animal species including gorillas and the mining poses significant risks to their habitat. However, rare metals can also be recovered by recycling old mobile phones and then used again in the production of new devices.


More information is available on www.behprozoo.cz.