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Mini-projects – Foreigners Can Organise Integration Events Too

The Integration Centre Prague (ICP) believes that migrants’ engagement in society is one of the factors which help integration. That’s why the ICP came up with a project open for migrants living in the CR and migrant associations. Their task was to design their own idea for an integration event. Having looked into all the “mini-projects” submitted, the ICP chose the best five, which received financial support, so that they could be put into practice in the autumn. The events included the Turkic concert, which introduced Turkic music and culture, the Mid-Autumn Festival, which was focused on Vietnamese culture and where the visitors could for example take part in an interesting mooncakes making workshop. Another workshop which received support from the ICP was The Czech Land – Our New Home organised by foreigners for foreigners in order to introduce them to Czech culture and traditions. One of the activities people could try out was painting the traditional Blue Onion pattern on pots. The ICP also supported the documentary project UkraJINÁ (Different Ukraine) thanks to which people could meet members of the Ukrainian community in Prague and learn something about their culture and experiences. The fifth chosen project was Prague. Explore, Get Engaged, Make the City Move, which offered a series of walks on the following topics: bringing life to public spaces, helping foreigners, foreigners and the media, human rights, volunteering. The walks were organised in cooperation with NGOs which specialise in the individual issues.