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Next Door Family 2020

photo: www.slovo21.cz

Next Door Family is a project that was brought to life in 2004 by the Slovo 21 organisation. Since then, 1676 Czech and international families have joined in. Altogether, there have been 838 meetings! The project improves relations between the majority society and foreign nationals, it contributes to building a multicultural society and mutual understanding of people of different cultures.  In the past years, Czech families had the opportunity to have lunch together with families from Syria, India, Belarus, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Algeria, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Vietnam, Mongolia, and New Zealand.

Due to the current situation, this year it will be possible to organise lunches of Czechs and foreigners only in Prague. The meetings will take place during December, based on availability of the participants.

For more information, see Slovo 21’s website and Facebook.