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Up-to-date Information for Foreign Nationals


For the time being, the state of emergency has been extended until 17th May 2020. During the state of emergency, no 60-day protection period for new job seekers applies to foreigners whose employment terminated during the state of emergency or less than 60 days before the state of emergency was declared (13th March). The whole protection period in the entire length of 60 days will start running again when the state of emergency in the Czech Republic ends.

The Ministry of the Interior has prepared detailed instructions and model situations to make it easier for you to understand how things work now.



Extraordinary rules still apply to appointments at the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy (OAMP). More information is available here.


All residence permit applications sent to the Ministry’s offices need to be hand signed. All applications have to be sent by post or to the Ministry’s data box; do not send them by email without a valid electronic signature. Applications sent by a regular email will not be considered!



Travelling conditions have significantly changed especially for Czech citizens and incoming foreigners. The situation keeps changing very quickly and therefore we recommend that you regularly follow the information published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the CR.

Information as of 5th May: From 11th May 2020, seasonal workers, key workers (e.g. scientists), and employees in healthcare and social services will be allowed to travel into the Czech Republic. Upon their arrival to the border crossing point, they will have to submit a negative test for SARS-CoV-2. At the same time, all categories of passengers will be allowed to cross border points which are now open only to cross-border commuters and road freight transport.

For more information about coronavirus and the state of emergency relevant for foreign nationals, see the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the CR.