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Important Notice for Foreign Nationals on the Situation after the End of the State of Emergency

In connection with the end of the state of emergency (which took place from 12th March to 17th May), the Ministry of the Interior of the CR has issued instructions for foreign nationals on how to arrange their issues in the following 60 days – i.e. until 16th July 2020. Below, you will find an overview of the key information:



The Ministry of the Interior hereby requests all clients to submit their applications, notifications, or other submissions otherwise than in person, in order to protect their own and others’ health. Please use remote communication channels where possible – mail or data box. If you need to go to the office in person, make an appointment online or by phone.

Submissions related to the following issues have to be sent by post or to data box, as it is not possible to make an appointment:

An advance appointment is not required if you need an interim visa or a departure order, if you apply for a residence permit for a child born in the CR, if you have been asked to present the original copy of a document, or if you need to collect a document delivered by public notice.

During the implementation of these measures, the following applications may be submitted without the personal presence of the applicant: application for the extension of the validity of a long-term residence permit, application for permanent residence, application for temporary residence permit for a family member of an EU citizen, application for a residence permit for a child born in the CR (a confirmation of submission of the application for the health insurance company will be sent to the child’s legal guardians by post).



The declared state of emergency is deemed to be an obstacle beyond control of the foreign national preventing him/her from submission of his/her application by the legally stipulated deadline. If the application for the granting or extension of the residence permit is submitted after the legally stipulated deadline, in most cases the state of emergency will be accepted as relevant grounds for the late submission and the application will be accepted and processed in standard manner.



  1. If your residence permit expired during the state of emergency, you may leave the territory of the CR until 16th July without being penalised for unauthorised residence in the CR. For this purpose, you do not need a departure order; at the state border you will receive a stamp in your passport confirming that you resided in the territory on sufferance. The stamp does not automatically allow crossing borders with neighbouring countries. Check the conditions of entry to other countries prior to your journey!
  2. This procedure can also be used by foreigners whose residence permit expired after the end of the emergency. However, the above does not apply if you have been set a deadline for leaving the territory by the Ministry of the Interior.


For more information, including the conditions of entry to the territory of the CR by foreign nationals after the end of the state of emergency, see the website of the Ministry of the Interior.


If you need advice on your situation, use free consultancy of non-governmental non-profit organisations and the Integration Centre Prague