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Important Change Regarding the Czech Language Exam for Permanent Residence

A voucher for the first free Czech language for permanent residence exam attempt can be used only until the end of 2023. It will no longer be possible to sit the exam for free due to the economic situation, the increase in the number of exam applicants, and the increased financial costs of the exam. If you have an exam voucher, you can use it no later than in December 2023. From January 2024 on, you will have to pay for sitting the exam. The price will be CZK 3,200.

From October 2023, the exam can also be taken at some public universities with a Czech as a foreign language study program. New exam dates for the end of 2023 and 2024 will be continuously announced at the websites of the exam institutions.

Exams recognised as equivalent to the permanent residence examination are:

  • CCE exams at A2 level or higher,
  • State language exams and maturita exams,
  • Czech language exam for the purpose of getting state citizenship according to Decree 433/2013 Coll.,
  • Approbation examination according to Act No. 95/2004 Coll., on the Requirements for Acquisition of Recognition of Professional Competence to Practise the Profession of a Physician, Dentist and Pharmacist.


How to prepare well for the exam?

Compared to previous years, the demand for the exam has risen almost tenfold. It is very difficult to estimate the number of exam dates needed as sitting the exam is up to the individual decision of each foreigner. We recommend that you prepare well for the exam to be able to pass it at the first sitting – even more so at a time when there are few exam dates available (and therefore the opportunity to retake the exam is limited).

It is a good idea for everyone to take a mock test several times before taking the exam, in order to familiarise themselves with the form of the exam. We recommend that you take a model test and study the exam handbook even if you are fluent in Czech. The exam preparation is estimated to take at least 50 hours. Speaking and pronunciation practice shall not be underestimated either. The speaking part of the exam is quite long and it is necessary to demonstrate that you are able to react to visual and auditory stimuli.

For more information see the Czech for Foreigners website.