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Ministry of the Interior in Charge of KACPUs

As of 1st April 2023, Regional Centres for Help and Assistance to Ukraine (KACPUs) are administered by the Ministry of the Interior.

KACPUs continue to operate in all regions of the Czech Republic. They provide assistance to people fleeing Ukraine due to the armed conflict caused by the Russian Federation, help them apply for temporary protection, and provide accommodation to people who have no place to stay after their arrival. KACPU Prague is not able to provide housing assistance due to a lack of accommodation capacity.

All KACPUs are open at least on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during office hours available on the official website of the Information portal for foreigners.

Some KACPUs have now started providing short-term shelter, too. This service is available to people who are waiting for KACPU to open and those who are waiting for the issuance of temporary protection and have no accommodation of their own. Short-term shelter sites are open around the clock in Prague, Brno and Ostrava.