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Gradual Easing of Measures

As of 24th April, the ban on free movement is no longer in effect. Group gatherings at public places are allowed up to the limit of 10 persons, with the exception of people living in the same household, people congregating for work, and attendees of funeral services, and it is necessary to keep a distance of at least two metres from other people. It remains necessary to have your mouth and nose covered.

Travelling abroad is allowed again. When returning to the Czech Republic, it will be necessary to undertake a COVID-19 test on the border, or self-isolate for a period of 14 days. Before leaving, make sure that the measures adopted in your destination country make your journey possible.

The Ministry of Health has prepared a plan for a gradual return to a normal life. It will be implemented providing that the situation will continue to develop positively. On the website koronavirus.mzcr.cz you can learn the dates of reopening of individual shops, services, and  education activities, which will depend on the situation.