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The 18th Year of the Global Education Week Will Focus on the Phenomenon of Tourism

The Global Education Week event will take place in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava, and other Czech towns and cities from 18 to 26 November. The aim of this initiative, which has been organised for 18 years by the Council of Europe, is to inform the public about the current issues and problems around the world and to remind us that each of us bears a share of the responsibility for the quality of life in our country as well as all around the world.

The theme of this year’s Global Education Week is tourism, a phenomenon which ranks as number one among all economic areas and the importance of which is still increasing. However, the rapid growth of tourism also brings about various negative aspects which must not be ignored. How many of us ask ourselves a question: “How will my trip affect the lives of local inhabitants?” before travelling? Does our travelling contribute to an increase in the living standards of local people? How does it affect the environment? The Global Education Week will give you a chance to discuss these as well as a lot of other questions related to the phenomenon of tourism.

The whole event will culminate on 22 November 2017 when there will be screenings, discussions, and other programme for the public organised by the following organisations: ADRA, ARPOK, Diaconia ECCB – Centre of Relief and Development, Caritas CR, UN Information Centre, MKC Prague, NaZemi, PANT, SEVER, and Variants – People in Need. To learn more about the individual events, have a look at the websites of the individual organisations or on the Czech website about global development education.