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Read the new issue of the Slovo bulletin!

Slovo, a “bulletin for foreigners, about foreigners” is a quarterly magazine which has been issued regularly  since 2003 by the Slovo 21 organisation. It is an informative piece of printed material for foreigners who live in the Czech Republic but, at the same time, it is also intended for the majority society. Slovo includes a lot of articles which tackle the issue of integration. It includes government information, as well as information provided by NGOs that deal with foreigners and national minorities in the CR. The bulletin is an interesting read and a useful source of information for many different areas. One of its aims is to navigate foreigners through the intricate labyrinth of legal regulations, measures, and obligations they face on a daily basis. Its main purpose is to support the idea of multiculturalism and to foster good relations between the Czechs and the national minorities and migrants in general. Thanks to our cooperation with Slovo 21, some of the articles from Slovo which cover Prague issues will also be published on our website.

Download the current issue and read interesting facts about the life of foreigners in the Czech Republic!