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Integration and Cohabitation in the Capital City of Prague

More and more migrants from all over the world see Prague as an attractive place to live. Migration may bring economic gains and it is a source of cultural enrichment to the city and its diversity. However, migration may also represent a challenge for the mutual coexistence of all inhabitants.

The experience of Western European metropolises which have been active in integration policy development clearly show that it is necessary to focus on a local level as much as possible. Local integration policy requires active involvement and coordinated cooperation of all parties – the Prague City Hall, city districts, NGOs, state institutions and also migrants themselves, migrant associations and all other inhabitants of the city of Prague.

Currently it is very important for Prague to use the potential of migration, improve the living conditions of migrants and, last but not least, support and foster relationships among all Prague inhabitants.

We hope that this website will also contribute to the active achievement of these goals. You will learn who deals with the areas of integration and cohabitation in the capital city. Thanks to this, you will know whom you can contact both at the level of the Prague City Hall and at the level of individual city districts. In the news section you can follow current events. The website also gives you tips on how to get involved in various activities.