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12 Stars for Ukraine Paintings Exhibition

source: Bulletin Slovo II/2022

The Zaedno association and the Representation of the European Commission in the CR have jointly organised an exhibition 12 Stars for Ukraine. Opened on 1st June, it can be seen in the European House, Jungmannova 24, 110 00 Nové Město, Prague 1,

The paintings were created in May 2022 at a one-day art workshop organised by the Zaedno association at the House of National Minorities in Prague. The workshop was aimed at newcomer artists from Ukraine but local artists representing national minorities in the CR were present, too. The workshop as well as preparatory meetings preceding the workshop gave everyone opportunity to get acquainted, to inspire and learn from each other, and finally to create together. What formed was a very inspiring group of girls who have become good colleagues as well as friends. The workshop resulted in 14 large-format paintings in acrylic on canvas sized 80 x 60 cm. 12 of them have been made by Ukrainian female artist. The theme was free but the artists had agreed on a way of reflecting the situation in Ukraine into their paintings:  they chose the colours of the Ukrainian flag as the basis of their colour palette. That is why the collection of paintings is dominated by blue and yellow. Other Ukrainian symbols can be found in the works, too.

Some of the works are free for sale. The authors will donate the proceeds to help Ukraine – to purchase medical supplies for example.

Ukrainian artists who participated in the workshop:

Natasha Andybur, Tetiana Melnykova, Liubov Litvin, Kateryna Dobroier, Sofiia Poleva, Olena Zahrebina, Grigorij Skovoroda, Alexandra Bryksa, Larisa Bashkardina, Liubov Bai, Anna Klishen, Olha Machinska, and Elena Hryhorieva (Elena Klever).

Accompanying artists:

Sevda Kovářová, Maxim Kovář.

The exhibition is open until 31st August 2022