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foto: letniletna.cz

In the second part of August, you can come to Prague to see the sixteenth international festival of new circus Letná letná. Let yourself be enchanted by the breath-taking acrobatic performances of international as well as Czech new circus ensembles. There will also be movement theatre, clowneries, and performances for children. Of course, there will be food at the festival, too. You may spend the whole day among the circus tents in the pleasant Letná park.

As for the international ensembles, you can look forward to the Canadian Cirque Alfonse who will perform their piece Tabarnak. Make sure not to miss Saison de Cirque. In their performance, Viktor Cathala and Kati Pikkareinen show their amazing artistic skills as well as their sense of humour. In their new piece, traditional circus meets the contemporary one. You will also see artists from Siberia, Swedish juggler Matias Salmenah, and the talented acrobat Ludovic Baladin.

Besides international stars, we will have the opportunity to see Czech artists of several generations. There will be the popular Losers Cirque Company – this time they have prepared a premiere production Heroes. You can also look forward to their successful performances Ego and Collaps. Cirk La Putyka with their new performance Isole will not be missing either. And there are many more interesting artists to look forward to.

More information, including the programme and the admission fees, is available on the website of Letní Letná.