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Coronavirus: Up-to-date Information and Recommendations

As of 6:00 p.m. 10th March, all public and private events in the CR of more than 100 participants are banned due to coronavirus. From 11th March, lessons are suspended at all elementary and secondary schools, apprentice schools, tertiary vocational schools, and universities.

Observe basic hygiene rules. In particular, thoroughly wash your hands with soap or an alcohol-containing antibacterial hand sanitizer, especially after a physical contact with hazardous items (e.g. in public transport), after sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose, after using the toilet, when taking care of the sick, before eating, and before, during, and after meal preparation.

Avoid those who are obviously sick and do not stay in places with a high concentration of people.

If you suffer from a respiratory disease,  stay at home until the symptoms have passed to avoid the risk of spreading the infection. Use disposable tissues and throw them in a closed bin right after use.

If you are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus (dry cough and fever) and you have been to a place with an increased risk of infection, please CALL your doctor or the emergency service.