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SLOVO Bulletin is Back!

A new Slovo bulletin has come out after a one-year break. This time, not just the content is brand new: it is now a full-colour magazine with new graphics and it aims at making the topic of foreigners’ communities a nation-wide interest.

The pandemic has derailed the whole world. The topic of coronavirus has influenced this issue of our magazine, too.

We especially recommend the article ‘There are foreigners in the front line, too”, which is a testimony of the migrants’ solidarity and help shown during the pandemic outbreak. The urge to help in difficult times is by no means conditioned by citizenship. It wasn’t easy to organise two traditional Prague festivals in an online format during the pandemic: Creative Africa and Crescent above Prague Read our article to learn how they turned out. How much do you know about foreigners’ community in the Czech Republic? Check your knowledge in a quiz ‘Prejudice spread where facts lack’ on page 22. These are just some of the many texts in the SLOVO Bulletin that you’ll surely find interesting! Selected articles are being translated for you into English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese languages.

You can read the current issue here.