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Extending Temporary Protection

Currently issued temporary protection of all holders expires on 31st March 2023. However, the situation does not allow migrants from Ukraine to return to their homes and therefore they can extend their temporary protection for another year up until March 2024. This has been decided by the government which adopted another legislative package “Lex Ukraine IV” at the end of November. These laws will come into effect in January.

Due to a great number of people involved, the extension will take place in 2 phases:

1) Electronic registration for the extension of temporary protection – no later than 31st March 2023. A new registration platform will be launched at the beginning of 2023. When registering online, you will also book a face-to-face appointment at the OAMP (Department of Asylum and Migration Policy) office. By completing the registration, temporary protection is extended until 30th September 2023, so that you have enough time to go to the OAMP office and provide all necessary documents.

2) Getting a visa sticker during a face-to-face appointment at the OAMP office by 30th September 2023. Temporary protection will then be extended by 31st March 2024.

If you fail to register for temporary protection in time or do not appear at the OAMP office on the specified date to get the sticker, your temporary protection will expire.
Changes related to other issues than extending temporary protection are being introduced, too. The rules for obtaining qualification in psychology will be simplified to make the services of psychologists more accessible. The rules for enrolment of Ukrainian children in pre-school education and compulsory school attendance for the upcoming school year are being amended and the rules for terminating education of kindergarteners who are returning to Ukraine together with their parents are being simplified.

We will keep you informed on further updates and details.

Source: website of the Ministry of the Interior of the CR