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Where to Extend Temporary Protection

A new online platform for registering to extend temporary protection has been launched today (30th January 2023). The official link for extending your temporary protection is available in a special section of the FRS portal. Here you can create your user account and register for the extension of temporary protection. You can switch to the Ukrainian version of the website.

To extend temporary protection, do not make an appointment at the OAMP (Department for Asylum and Migration Policy) through the regular FRS system, as that is not how your temporary protection can be extended. If you have already made the appointment, you need to register again at the link above and follow the steps of registration for the extension of temporary protection: First create a user account, verify your email address, state for whom you are applying (you or a minor child), fill in your personal details and choose a date of your appointment at the OAMP. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation stating that your temporary protection has been extended until 30th September 2023. It is also necessary to come to the OAMP on the selected date and time. Minor children need to be registered too. For more information in Czech, see the leaflet of the Ministry of the Interior.