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Let’s Go Explore Prague

Would you like to see a nice piece of Prague? The Meta organisation has prepared three short trips for children and adults at which you’ll reveal various places of Prague 7. On Saturday 12th June you can join a mystery hunt at Prague Market – and you might even come across Sherlock Holmes himself! On 19th June you can join the SK8 tour. This walk is great for children who have some experience with skateboard as well as those who want to give it a try for the first time. And on 26th June you can visit several places associated with art and culture. At this art trip you will find that creativity resides everywhere and in everything.

The events are suitable for children aged about 8 to 14. Children under 7 may take part only when accompanied by older siblings or parents. The organisers reserve the right to change or cancel the events due to unexpected government measures.

You can register through an online form.

Contact person: Aastasia Avdějeva, avdejeva@meta-ops.cz, 775 418 258

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