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Changes in Accommodation and Humanitarian Benefits

Further changes for newcomers from Ukraine brought about by the Lex Ukraine V law come into effect in July 2023. We have prepared a summary of these changes that mainly consider accommodation and the calculation of the humanitarian benefit.

Changes in accommodation provision

From 1st July 2023, free accommodation (lodgings, hotels and hostels) is available to:

–          Newcomers from Ukraine for the period of 150 days from the day of obtaining temporary protection.

–          Vulnerable persons:

  •         Children under 18
  •         Carers of children under 6
  •         Carers of people with disabilities
  •         People with disabilities
  •         People over 65
  •         Pregnant women
  •         Full-time students of Czech secondary schools and universities

 If you are a vulnerable person, you need to apply for a humanitarian benefit, stating you are a vulnerable person in the relevant form.

It is also important to note that the allocated accommodation is final – the applicants cannot choose or change their accommodation. For more information on the conditions for receiving accommodation, see the website of MOI CR.


If you do not qualify as a vulnerable person after the period of 150 days, you are no longer entitled to free state-provided accommodation. You can either move out or make an agreement with the owner of your accommodation on how much you will pay starting from 1st June and stay where you are.


Humanitarian benefit

Humanitarian benefit is now understood as a living allowance and a housing allowance, taking into account any income and savings. Similar to equivalent benefit for Czech citizens, the humanitarian benefit will be based on the basic subsistence and bare subsistence minimum. Vulnerable persons will receive a higher benefit.

For more information on the conditions of receiving the humanitarian benefit and an indicative calculator for temporary protection holders, see the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.


Please note that after 150 days in the Czech Republic, you have to contact your insurance company – usually the General Insurance Company (VZP).


Are you a temporary protection holder trying to access accommodation, social support, healthcare or education in Prague? Come to the Centre for Follow-up Support for Ukrainian Refugees! The main aim of the Centres is to help people who deal with basic life situations through counselling and assistance. The Centres are exclusively available to temporary protection holders.


Are you dealing with other life situations? Use the Naši Ukrajinci portal.